Our culinary creations

Discover a world of flavor with our handcrafted ice creams, delectable French pastry cakes, and cold smoked treats.

Every creation is made with love and top-notch ingredients.

Get ready for a delightful experience delivered straight to your door !

Ice Creams and Sorbets

Discover our Artisanal ice cream and sorbet selection made with 100% natural ingredients.. Beyond this choices we can make any flavor you want to offer to your clients

French style cakes

We craft elaborated entremets, which is described as cakes made of different layers of flavors and textures which make them unique

ice cream on black trayice cream on black tray
chocolate cakechocolate cake
raw meat
raw meat
Cold Smoked products
From local smoked fish to cheese and condiments, we source the finest and freshest ingredients for you to integrate into your dishes to bring this delicate smokey flavor